• "Servitize your business with MSEE!"
  • The MSEE project Comprehensive Brochure is a handbook for manufacturing industries to help them servitize their business and enrich their value proposition by innovative new product-service combinations based on customer value co-creation. The comprehensive brochure addresses all specific aspects of Servitization in the manufacturing industry. Enjoy your reading.
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Under objective 1, establishing scientific and methodological foundations for service-oriented virtual factories and enterprises:

- Definition of a new methodology for Service Life Cycle Management in manufacturing

Under objective 2, developing a collaborative industrial model for Manufacturing Innovation Ecosystems:

- Definition of methodologies and tools for Intangible-Tangible assets management in a distributed ecosystem
- Definition of methodologies and tools for open innovation maturity assessment, roadmap definition and change management

Under objective 3, adopting Future Internet architectures and platforms to next generation software applications for virtual factories and enterprises:

- Definition of a FI-oriented architecture for Enterprise Software Applications (FInES reference architecture)

Under objective 5, service-oriented, collaborative industrial models for European manufacturing industry

- Collection, classification and generalization of user requirements derived from the two classes of MSEE scenarios

Under objective 7, implementing in the EU manufacturing industry and society a Manufacturing Service Ecosystem impact policy and action plan, via training, dissemination, standardization and exploitation activities:

- Definition and implementation of an effective dissemination action plan for Scientific, Industrial and Society in the large targets

Expected results by the end of the project:


Under objective 1:
- Definition of a manufacturing-oriented Unified Service Description Language (USDL) profile and its proposition to international standardization bodies
- Customization of existing multimodal service design, simulation and testing environments (virtual Living Labs) for manufacturing industry
- Development of a set of tools, services and business models for Service Innovation in manufacturing

Under objective 2:

- Definition of an industrial model for Innovation Ecosystems
- Development of a set of tools, services and business models for Collaborative Innovation in manufacturing

Under objective 3:

- Development of a set of federated core platform services for manufacturing
- Development of a set of trusted utility services for privacy, security, interoperability and collaboration
- Development of specific virtual factories and enterprise business processes implemented in the new FI architecture

Under objective 4: aligning Business with IT by collaborative development and delivery platforms:

- Development of a user-centric collaborative service development platform
- Development of a distributed generic service delivery platform
- Definition of methodologies and tools for ICT SMEs orientation and Mobile Business support
- Integration and testing of the MSEE service system

Under objective 5:

- Definition of a methodology for requirements life-cycle management in virtual factories and enterprises
- Definition of innovation-oriented business and industrial models inspired by the MSEE principles
- Definition of industrial business scenarios, business objectives, assessment and evaluation

Under objective 6, experimenting Service Orientation and Innovation Ecosystem as a viable exit strategy from the crisis and an opportunity for sustainable healthy growth, see the Test Cases Descriptions

Under objective 7:

- Definition and implementation of a vocational training system for the formation of novel product+service competencies and professionals in manufacturing virtual enterprises
- Promotion and implementation of the MSEE results in selected upcoming industrial standards
- Definition and implementation of a sustainable exploitation action and business plan to provide advanced tangible- and intangible- based services for EU manufacturing ecosystems