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TP Vision

The TP Vision test case is centered upon the next generation TV sets (NetTV) enriched with multimedia services provided by an ecosystem of providers sharing the same service development platform, embedded in the physical product, hence OEM-driven, product+service and new product/service development.

The main challenge of this test case is to study, support and manage the transition from a product-driven closed innovation model to a service-driven open ecosystem of innovative services in a multinational, global European virtual enterprise. This has not only a consistent obvious impact on the intangible assets of the manufacturing virtual enterprise (e.g. business processes like sourcing & procurement, skills and competencies of the engineers, synchronization between product life cycle and service life cycle, interoperability between product engineering IT systems and service engineering platforms) but also on the tangible ones.

Expected impact:

The TP Vision test case is related to the development, test and validation of the  ecosystem of service providers as defined in the project for the next generation IP based communication devices in the home environment, such as the Internet TV (NetTV). Such an online services concept is a great way to create an ecosystem of new business opportunities for companies that wish to create interactive services on TV, with business models varying from ad revenues to e-commerce.

Main objectives:

  • reduce the time and cost of set-up when forming such enterprise ecosystems
  • provide the involved ecosystem enterprises a proposition that is based on giving involved ecosystem enterprises access to consumers in their living room via Net TV through a service portal, as well as providing technical and commercial tools/support.
  • combine the emotional and visual impact of TV with the power of direct marketing, sales & digital distribution