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The INDESIT test case is centered upon the availability and diffusion of appliances ready to be connected to external environment, hence integrable within MSEE ecosystem approach. Appliances will work as a permanent observatory for user habits and behaviors, providing data at two levels: Statistic approach and User specific approach. Database collected will be analyzed by different approaches, specified by Indesit itself and by other stakeholder involved in household care business. The final goal is to realize a new product+service solution to make the customers' life easier and more comfortable.

Statistic approach will act as an amplifier of the capabilities in specifying new products and accessory services, hence acting as a tool for strategic planning, including initiatives shared with business partners (e.g. direct suppliers) or business neighbors (belonging to affine business fields, e.g. detergent manufacturers). User specific approach will take a further step in added value, having the need of a feedback system, either an extended UI or a web based channel (smartphone app, website). Tailor-made services will be proposed as added value to the customer, based on the analysis of his/her behavior.

Moreover, collected database will be a value in itself, and economical exploitation of data analysis, emphasized by the specific knowledge base of Indesit and other stakeholders will be an additional business opportunity.

Finally, a generalisation of the INDESIT scenario towards the provision of a set of "carefree washing" services to support the customer during the entire product life-cycle (purchase, use, after-use) will be studied and the relevant product+service scenario described. The product will be: easier to use and manage, safe for the final user and sustainable. Easy by a set of ad-hoc services providing personalized assistance and allowing remote control by mobile applications. Safe by monitoring the product status and actions, integrating a home safety system, preventing the failures, and a real-time information service on mobile phones. Sustainable by controlling of energy-water consumption and managing the product end-of-life (disposal and recycling).

Expected impact:

Indesit study case is related to a new approach to customer centered innovation, leading to product+service  approach, as a source of new business opportunities for the company and its entourage of business partners and neighbours.

Main objectives:

  • A new awareness level of user habits and trends related to own products, leading to increased capability to specify new products and related features.
  • A novel frontier in business partnership with business partners or neightbours, sharing a priceless resource in terms of database and sharing/integrating data analysis capabilities based upon own specific know-how.
  • Acquired database will hence be a value in itself, especially having the chance to elaborate data mixing Indesit know-how with its Business partners and neighbours’ one.
  • A novel business area generated by tailored service proposal, potentially targeted on single specific customer, either independently managed or designed and proposed in collaboration with business partners or neightbours.