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  • The MSEE project Comprehensive Brochure is a handbook for manufacturing industries to help them servitize their business and enrich their value proposition by innovative new product-service combinations based on customer value co-creation. The comprehensive brochure addresses all specific aspects of Servitization in the manufacturing industry. Enjoy your reading.
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The IBARMIA test case focuses on a new maintenance and after-sales service oriented business models for Machinery Manufactures. By means of the MSEE ecosystem encompassing maintenance and after-sales service providers, new business models will allow companies in manufacturing industry to dynamically, in an ad-hoc fashion discover, compose and orchestrate after sales services. This way, companies will be able to offer unprecedented service levels, guaranteeing an almost continuous availability of the machines through very precise and definite service agreements and featuring strong penalties on contract breach.

Expected impact:

  • considerable reduction of service cost and effort
  • reduction in costs in terms of installation and operation (due to improvements of existing manufacturing systems)
  • reduction in manufacturing systems downtime leading to a reduction of the overall life-cycle cost