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The BIVOLINO testcase is centered upon a SME-driven, and product+service manufacturing coverage. The main challenge of this test case is to demonstrate how service-oriented supply chain automation and interoperability within an apparel manufacturing ecosystem could enable new business and industrial models oriented towards a dynamic made-to-order micro-plants ecosystem.

Bivolino clothing supply chains will become reversed (from consumers up to the first supplier), digital (by service-oriented architectures) and as far as possible virtual (by sharing virtual prototyping models along the micro-plants). Special focus will go to involving the end consumer in the creative and sales process of on-demand apparel and fashion.

Through MSEE, Bivolino will integrate an ecosystem of manufacturing services providers, to be orchestrated up to the offline traditional manufacturing plant (micro plants, digital fabric inkjet printing, single ply cutting, rapid manufacturing providers).

Expected impact:

  • Offering to the end consumers on-demand apparel and related services
  • Redefining the manufacturing landscape and supply chain with ecosystems of interrelated micro-factories and homelabs
  • Redefining the distributions channels based on interrelated e-commerce and e-business services driven by retailers and final users.