• "Servitize your business with MSEE!"
  • The MSEE project Comprehensive Brochure is a handbook for manufacturing industries to help them servitize their business and enrich their value proposition by innovative new product-service combinations based on customer value co-creation. The comprehensive brochure addresses all specific aspects of Servitization in the manufacturing industry. Enjoy your reading.
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Test Cases description (End-Users)

The MSEE Test Cases are the service ecosystems from which specific requirements, management and methodology for Virtual Manufacturing Enterprise (VME) and Manufacturing Services Ecosystem will be defined. They will be used to run pilots and demonstrations, conduct experimentations and prepare a generalization plan for a broader adoption of MSEE.


The MSEE Test Cases aim to cover the whole traditional product/service life cycle (4 phases, in particular new product/service development, new product/service manufacturing, new product/service operations, new product/service end-of-life), by applying the "product2service" and "product+service" service innovation forms and in a context of both large scale global OEMs and highly innovative and dynamic SMEs.

  • The TP Vision test case is centered upon the next generation TV sets (NetTV) enriched with multimedia services provided by an ecosystem of providers sharing the same service development platform, embedded in the physical product, hence, OEM-driven, product+service and new product/service development. (.... more)
  • The BIVOLINO test case is centered upon a SME-driven, and product+service manufacturing coverage. The main challenge of this test case is to demonstrate how service-oriented supply chain automation and  interoperability within an apparel manufacturing ecosystem could enable new business and industrial models oriented towards a dynamic made-to-order micro-plants ecosystem. (... more)
  • The INDESIT test case is centered upon the availability and diffusion of appliances ready to be connected to external environment, hence integrable whiting MSEE ecosystem approach. Appliances will work as a permanent observatory for user habits and behaviors, providing data at two levels: Statistic approach and User specific approach. (... more)
  • The IBARMIA test case focuses on a new maintenance and after-sales service oriented business models for Machinery Manufactures. By means of the MSEE ecosystem encompassing maintenance and after-sales service providers, new business models will allow companies in manufacturing industry to compose after sales services offering unprecedented service levels. (... more)