• "Servitize your business with MSEE!"
  • The MSEE project Comprehensive Brochure is a handbook for manufacturing industries to help them servitize their business and enrich their value proposition by innovative new product-service combinations based on customer value co-creation. The comprehensive brochure addresses all specific aspects of Servitization in the manufacturing industry. Enjoy your reading.
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Concept & objectives

COLLABORATIVE SERVICE INNOVATION by merging concrete needs and short-term requirements from European Manufacturing industry (Manufuture, EFFRA, FoF Strategic Roadmap) with a long-term vision of Future Internet Enterprises / Enterprise Systems (FInES Cluster, FI Assembly & Enterprise, PPP core platform).


To achieve the MSEE 2015 vision, the project aims at:

  • Establishing scientific and methodological foundations for service-oriented virtual factories and enterprises,
  • Developing a collaborative industrial model for Manufacturing Innovation Ecosystems,
  • Adopting Future Internet architectures and platforms to next generation software applications for virtual factories and enterprises,
  • Aligning Business with IT by collaborative development and delivery platforms,
  • Building Service-oriented, collaborative industrial models for European manufacturing industry,
  • Experimenting Service Orientation and Innovation Ecosystem as an opportunity for sustainable, healthy growth, beyond the current crisis situation,
  • Creating, nurturing and implementing in the EU manufacturing industry and EU society in the large a Manufacturing Service Ecosystem self-sustainable impact action plan, via training, dissemination, standardization and exploitation activities.