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Project overview

Research project MSEE "Manufacturing Service Ecosystem"


Project No 284860
Project Full Name Manufacturing Service Ecosystem
Duration 36 months
Start Date October 1st, 2011
Partnership 19 partners, 9 countries
Strategic Objective FP7 FoF-ICT-2011.7.3, Virtual Factories and Enterprises

Background and motivation

MSEE is an ICT integrated project, funded by the European Commission in call Factories of the Future (FoF) of the 7th Framework Programme. The general objective 7.3 "Virtual Factories and Enterprises" focuses on end-to-end integrated ICT solutions that enable innovation and higher management efficiency in networked enterprise operations.

The Factories of the Future (FoF) multi-annual Strategic Roadmap identifies in “ICT-enabled intelligent manufacturing” one of the four pillars to support European manufacturing industry in the challenging transition from post-crisis recovery to re-gain competitive advantage in the global market competition. Three priority areas have been identified, namely Smart Factories, i.e. agile manufacturing and customization, Virtual Factories, i.e. value creation, global networked manufacturing and logistics and Digital Factories, i.e. manufacturing design and product life cycle management.
The fundamental question the FoF roadmap poses to ICT is: how can European manufacturing industry produce goods in a smarter way, develop innovation-oriented collaborations in a more virtual manner and at the same time strongly proceed in the digitalization of the processes and in the interoperability of Enterprise Software and Applications (ESA)?

By merging concrete needs and short-term requirements from European Manufacturing industry with a long-term vision of Future Internet Enterprises / Enterprise Systems, MSEE aims to create a new Virtual Factory Industrial Models, where service orientation and collaborative innovation will support a new renaissance of Europe in the global manufacturing context.

MSEE is an Integrated Project of the ICT Work Programme under the European Community's 7th Framework Programme (FP7)
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