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IBARMIA Innovatek


IBARMIA Innovatek is a high-tech SME that produces high value-adding machine tools, especially drilling machines and machining centres of high precision.

Ibarmia is a familiar company funded in 1949, when it was a small mechanic business that produced pieces for other machine-tools builders. The evolution of its activity made this company start in 1953 with the production of industrial drillings, an activity that is leading nowadays and with which Ibarmia is today prestigious internationally, being a reference in the automation and aeronautic industries. In 1986, the company started producing machining centres, and nowadays Ibarmia has achieved a competitive position in the global market, with export levels that are above 85%, mainly to the German market.

In 2006, after a strategic reflection about the future of the organization, the original Ibarmia Company turns into four operative companies. The main company is Ibarmia-Innovatek, in charge of the design, development and marketing of the high features machining centres, where Ibarmia had been working best according to their previous technological developments. In particular, Ibarmia-Innovatek is a world leader in excellence regarding the production of mobile column machining centres, with an experience of more than 15 years.


The challenge of Ibarmia in the definition of Machine Tools Maintenance Ecosystem as well as the creation of Intelligent Maintenance Services using the MSEE assets. Discover how with the video